[All] Details of kiwi Bird-Habitat-Call-Diet-Reproduction

[All] Details of kiwi Bird-Habitat-Call-Diet-Reproduction

Kiwi Bird 

       Kiwi or Kiwis are flightless native bird of Newzealand. When we talking about birds, first thing that come to our mind is the ability to fly. But Kiwi are not among them. Kiwi is small cute birds looks like a domestic chicken. 
Picture of kiwi


What we know in this page?

  • Types of Kiwi
  • Physical Features
  • Reproduction
  • Habitat
  • Diet
  • Lifespan

Facts Of Kiwi

  • It has no tail
  • It cannot fly. 
  • Its body cover with loose feather looks like hair. 
  • National Icon and unofficial emblem of Newzealand. 
  • The people of Newzealand are called as 'Kiwis' which was bestowed by Australian Soldiers in first World war. 

Types Of Kiwi

There are five species of Kiwi- 
  1.     Brown Kiwi
  2.     Great spotted Kiwi/roroa
  3.     Littile Spotted Kiwi
  4.     Rowi
  5.     Tokoeka

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1)Brown Kiwi

           Brown kiwi is the most common kiwi and closest to human habitation. They mainly found in North Island. Brown kiwis are faster breeder than the other kiwis. 

           Geographycall and Genetically four distinct brown kiwis are identified. 

    1)Northland Brown kiwi

    2)Coromandel Brown Kiwi

    3)Wastern Brown kiwi

    4)Eastern Brown Kiwi

Picture of kiwi

2)Great spotted kiwi/Roroa

                They are lived in northern part of the south Island. They are the largest kiwi soecies. They especially at high altitude area. 

3)Little Spotted kiwi

        Little spotted kiwi mainlyfound at Kapital Island. They are the only kiwi to become extinct on the mainland. 


         Rowi are the rarest kiwi species. They mainly live at okarito forest and south westland. 


        It is also a rarest kiwi species. More than half popular of Tokoeka kiwi lived at Haast Ranges. They also found in west Court at the South Island. 

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Physical Features of Kiwis

Picture of kiwi

This chicken sized bird has a grey plumage with long bill. It has no tail like other birds. Their legs are very strong. Its weghing around 450g and length around 35cm to 45cm

Reproduction Of Kiwi
Image of kiwi

Kiwi are lived in a monogamous couple. Male and female kiwi bond will remain tends to entire life. The mating season of kiwi around June to March bpair kiwis call tobeach other and meet in their nest innight in every three night. 

              Female lays one big eggs. The eggs weight around one-quarter of female kiwi weight. The size of kiwi similar to chicken but the size of kiwi is about six times of chicken eggs. 

Habitat of Kiwi

They are  adaptable. They lived in entire Newzealand. They lived in Native Forest, Farmland, Plantation Forest, Sand dunes, Snowy Tussocks, Mangrove Forest. They mainly live in wetland Vegetation. 

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Kiwi Call

Kiwi is a nocturnal bird. The best time to listen the kiwi call is on a moonless night, up to two hours after dark and before the sunrise. They make call to contact their partner to make the territory. Male makes repeative and shrill call. Female makes repeative guttural sound. 

Diet Of kiwi
Image of kiwi

Kiwi feed at night by their long bill with their bill they feed into ground up to a depth of 10cm. They are omnivorous. They feed mainly worms. They will also take snail, ant, spider, insects, seeds etc. 

Life Circle of Kiwi 

           Avarage lifespan of kiwi  is 25years to 50years. Kiwi chicks emerge from the nest at five days old. Kiwi taking around 4years to reach adult size. 


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